Threat Level Midnight

Threat Level Midnight

The object of the game: Gavin will assign you a target (someone else in RUF who has signed up for the game). Your mission is to secretly take a photo of your target (doesn’t have to include their face but has to be clear that it’s the right person) and post it to the "Threat Level Midnight" GroupMe without getting caught. This photo is called a “stealthie.” Once you’ve posted the stealthie of your target without getting caught, your target is eliminated and you’ll receive a new target from Gavin. Last person standing wins and receives a prize and bragging rights until next semester.


*If you go 72 hours without getting your first target out, then you're automatically out. This ensures that the game moves quickly and that you can't just hide in your room the entire time.

*If you catch someone taking your picture and you "call them out" before they are able to post it to the GroupMe then that picture doesn't count and they have to wait 30 minutes before trying again.


*All RUF events are SAFE ZONES. This includes large group, small groups, meetings with Gavin, meeting with Will, and ANYTHING ANNOUNCED AT LARGE GROUP OR ON THE RUF FACEBOOK GROUP. There is also a 30 minute buffer before and after RUF activities during which time people are safe. So you can't get someone walking to or from an RUF event.

*On Sundays from 8am until 2pm, TLM is temporarily suspended. This block of time is set up to try to ensure at least some sense of Sabbath and rest during this possibly very stressful time.

*Another safe zone is when someone is at work. Don't bother/distract them when they are working, please!

*If you are assigned your roommate/housemate, you have to get them outside of the house/apartment/dorm.

*Regarding RUF intramurals, if you are on the intramural fields you are safe but only 30 minutes before the RUF game, during the game, and 30 minutes after the game. 

*You have to be invited into a home by someone living there so no breaking and entering someone's place without permission.

*You cannot break any TTU rules or laws (or state laws for that matter). 


*Having trouble getting a photo of your target? Ask other people in RUF for help. Talk to their friends, find out their schedule, set traps for them. You can do this. I believe in you.

*Gavin is not playing, he is the Game Master. He will settle all disputes. Contact him for all questions or rules clarifications.*